Dorota Bacal

Renewable Energy Engineer

About Me

  • Born 1991
  • Education Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Applied Physics & Engineering University of Rzeszow
  • Current Research Topic Perovskite Solar Cells
  • Experienced In Silicon SC, CdS/CdTe SC
  • Skills Project Development and Management, Data Analysis, Extensive Research Skills
  • Career Aspirations Chief Technology Officer in Related Field
  • Current Affiliations
    • Monash University: Advanced Photovoltaics Laboratory
    • CSIRO Manufacturing
    • Sun Inspired Technology Group
    • Monash University: Office of Student Conduct, General Misconduct Panel
    • Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science
    • Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics
  • Strengths Tenacious, Committed, Focused
  • Weaknesses Coffee and Adrenaline Addict

In 2100, people will find ludicrous the fact that we inhaled nasty fumes from cars on an everyday basis, the same way we find absurd that in the 1950s, applying radium-based products on the skin was normal. The difference is, we are aware of the consequences. They weren't.